List of Taeyeon's solo/duet songs

Taeyeon is main/lead vocal of SNSD, SONE and non-SONE had knowledge her singing ability. I personally didn't know there's voice and dance line, so i didn't really think about it, i didn't know how K-Pop works haha~ when i first watch Genie MV, my eyes were stuck on Taeyeon, so when i watched Gee MV, i was trying to find that face, but couldn't find it hahaha~ her hairstyle and make up were so different >w< and i still didn't know who's who lol~

Here's list of her solo/duet songs that i know, i love all her songs :

Newest : 2013

10. Taeyeon and Tiffany - Lost in Love

- end of newest -

1. Taeyeon and The One - You Bring Me Joy 


2.  Taeyeon - If 


3. Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me


4. Taeyeon - I Love You


5. Taeyeon and Kim Bum Soo - Different


6. Taeyeon and The One - Like A Star


7. Taeyeon and Sunny - This Must Be Love

8. Missing Your Like Crazy

9. Closer


if u know her other solo/duet song, not cover, please mention me @taenglovesme on twitter :]